Appellate Lawyers Make a Difference

Appellate specialists typically exhibit increased competence, interest, and experience in legal research, knowledge of substantive law, in-depth analysis, and legal writing. They are useful in setting long-range strategy early in litigation. They are an important resource on legal issues at trial. And they are essential in the appellate courts where the culture is quite different from trial courts.

Who We Are

The Academy is an invitation-only association whose demanding membership criteria and rigorous screening process ensure that only the highest quality of appellate advocates become Fellows.

Practice Areas

Academy Fellows represent different practice areas: state-based and national, civil and criminal, private practice, government, public interest, and academics. Search by practice type.

Trial Lawyers

Trial lawyers handling complex litigation should consider adding an Academy Fellow to the trial team. Waiting until after a judgment is entered may be too late. Search for that lawyer here.

Law Students

Law students more interested in intellectual grappling with and potentially changing the law than adversarial skirmishes should consider specializing in appellate law. Search for Fellows with firms in your area.

What We Do

Appellate lawyers are an invaluable resource for winning the case at hand and shaping the law for other cases.

Civil or Criminal, Any Size Law Firm

Academy Fellows include both civil and criminal appellate specialists, and lawyers in big firms, small firms, and solo practices. You can refine your search by selecting the category that matches your case.

Research, Analysis, Writing & Oral Advocacy

Appellate lawyers typically bring a skillset that includes higher than average skills in legal research, critical analysis and written and oral advocacy.

In-house Counsel Value Appellate Consultation

In-house Counsel recognize the value in engaging respected appellate counsel for consultation at all stages of high-stakes litigation.

Trial Counsel Include Appellate Advocates

Experienced trial counsel understand that adding an outstanding appellate advocate to the trial team can reap benefits before, during, and after trial.

Litigants Benefit From Academy’s Rigor

Litigants who don’t know where to start when looking for an appellate lawyer can rely on the Academy’s highly selective selection and vetting process to know they are starting at the top.

Fellows Trust Making a Referral

Fellows appreciate the ability to refer their clients to appellate specialists in all 50 states with complete confidence.