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The Academy Fall 2024 Meeting
October 24-26, 2024
Boston, Massachusetts


The Academy Spring 2025 Meeting
April 24-26, 2025
Coronado, California


The Academy Fall 2025 Meeting
November 1-3, 2025 (Saturday-Monday)

Washington, DC

Appellate Lawyers Make a Difference

Through research and analysis, appellate lawyers develop strategies for written briefs and oral arguments. Frequently collaborating with lower court trial counsel as a case makes its way through the appellate courts, their work can shape the law and create a precedent.

About The Academy

The American Academy of Appellate Lawyers (The Academy) is a prestigious, invitation-only association made up of recognized appellate advocates who have demonstrated a proven track record in state and national appellate courts. Limited to 500 Fellows, Academy members must meet stringent criteria to be nominated; undergo a rigorous screening process, before approval by the Academy’s Board of Directors.   

Group of AAAL Lawyers People During the Awarding Ceremony