Spring 2023 Registration is Open!

Open only to Fellows, the Academy meetings feature two days of advanced CLE learning specific to appellate law. The social events add to the camaraderie that brings Fellows back meeting after meeting.

Appellate Lawyers Make a Difference

Through research and analysis, appellate lawyers develop strategies for written briefs and oral arguments. Frequently collaborating with lower court trial counsel as a case makes its way through the appellate courts, their work can shape the law and create a precedent.

About The Academy

The American Academy of Appellate Lawyers (The Academy) is a prestigious, invitation-only association made up of recognized appellate advocates who have demonstrated a proven track record in state and national appellate courts. Limited to 500 Fellows, Academy members must meet stringent criteria to be nominated; undergo a rigorous screening process, before approval by the Academy’s Board of Directors.   

Group of AAAL Lawyers People During the Awarding Ceremony