Membership Criteria

Fellows must have 15 years of appellate practice and receive unsolicited nominations from two Fellows. After a rigorous vetting process, the Board of Directors votes on each nomination.

Academy Board of Directors

The Academy’s Board of Directors consists of five officers and six directors. The Board sets strategic direction and policy, provides oversight and direction committees, and day-to-day operations.

2023 Officers

The Academy has five officers serving one-year terms: President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary and Immediate Past President. Officers are proposed by the nominations committee and elected by the Board of Directors.

2023 Directors

The Academy’s six directors serve staggered three-year terms. Each year two directors leave the Board and two new directors are proposed by the nominations committee and elected by the Fellows.


Academy History

The Academy began in 1990 with Fellows in states with robust appellate bars, but has expanded to 355 Fellows from 50 states. Growth brought diversity in gender, race, and practice types.

Two Awards of Recognition

The Academy gives two awards. The Eisenberg Prize recognizes journal articles about appellate practice and procedure. The Kathleen McCree Lewis Award honors those having exceptional impacts on appellate justice.

Eisenberg Prize Award

Named in honor of Howard B. Eisenberg, the Eisenberg Prize recognizes exceptional articles about appellate practice and procedure. The author receives a $2000 prize.

Kathleen McCree Lewis Award

The Kathleen McCree Lewis Award for Appellate Justice honors a former Academy president who died shortly after completing her term. The award recognizes Kathleen's warmth, elegance, and devotion to appellate justice.

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