Eisenberg Prize Committee

The committee reviews scholarly articles on topics relating to appellate law, appellate courts, rules and processes, oral argument, and the impacts of appellate decision-making. The committee recognizes each academic year’s most outstanding appeal-related publication by awarding then Eisenberg Prize to the author(s).

Elizabeth White (Chair)
Timothy Berg
Beth Chapman Carver
Kim Demarchi
Andrew Howie
Daniel Krisch
Robert Olson
Marc Poster
Janet Schroer
Benjamin Shatz
Joan Steinman
Valerie Villacin
Joshua G. Vincent


Meetings and Programming Committee

The committee selects sites for AAAL meetings, and, in conjunction with each meeting’s Planning Committee, plans and coordinates the Fall and Spring Meetings.

Adam Charnes (Chair)
Donald Capparella
Stephen P. Groves, Sr.
Kirk Jenkins
James Lobsenz
Deanne E. Maynard
Randy Roach
Mike Scodro
Michael B. Terry

Membership Screening Committee

The committee reviews and investigates nominations for Fellows by making confidential inquiries to judges, opposing counsel, and current Fellows in the same state. After reviewing reports and discussion at monthly Zoom conferences, the committee votes. If at least two-thirds of the Committee agrees, the nomination is forwarded to the Board for final consideration.

Joel D. Bertocchi (Chair)
Mark Bradford
E. B. Chiles, IV
Linda Coberly
John P. Elwood
William F. Gary
Jerold Ganzfried
Ed Guedes
Russell Post
Harvey Sepler
Scott Smith
Robert J. Stumpf, Jr.
Charles R. Watson, Jr.
Amy Weil
Charles Wirken

New Fellow Orientation Committee

This committee will coordinate a program that assigns veteran Fellows to the incoming Fellows for their first 2-3 years to assist and guide them to becoming involved in the Academy. This will include answering questions, encouraging them to attend meetings and join committees, and introducing them to other Fellows.

Scott P. Stolley (Chair)
James E. Mountain, Jr.

Nominating Committee

Kevin H. Dubose (Chair)
Matthew H. Lembke
Deanne E. Maynard

Outreach Committee

This committee is charged with enhancing the awareness and reputation of the AAAL outside the Academy by partnering or integrating with other bar organizations, judicial organizations, or potential client groups. This may include finding speaker opportunities, sharing written materials, or other forms of interaction./p>

George (Buck) T. Lewis, III (Chair)
Claudia Frost
Bruce D. Greenberg
Wallace B. Jefferson
Randy Roach
Benjamin Shatz

New Fellows Identification Committee

The committee analyzes the current demographics of the Academy and then seeks to identify leading appellate lawyers to be considered for membership who would promote diversity, including diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation and identity, geography, and practice type.

John P. Elwood (Chair)
Sean Connelly
Ruthanne Deutsch
Margaret Grignon
Randall L. Hodgkinson
Wallace L. Lightsey
John C. Neiman, Jr.
Lisa Perrochet
Daniel F. Polsenberg
Fred Rowley, Jr.
Peter Stris

Drew Days Diversity in Appellate Practice Committee

This committee works to increase diversity in the appellate bar and bench. The initial step is to partner with The Appellate Project (TAP) in supporting law students of color who are interested in appellate practice through: (1) providing legal writing workshops; (2) networking events; and (3) considering TAP students for internships in our firms/offices.

Tillman Breckenridge (Chair)
Raymond Cardozo
Kimberly A. Demarchi
Edward G. Guedes
Wallace Jefferson
Michael King
Deanne Maynard
Linda Morkan
Alan B. Morrison
Daniel F. Polsenberg
Joan Steinman