The Kathleen McCree Lewis Award for Appellate Justice

The Kathleen McCree Lewis Award for Appellate Justice was created in honor of AAAL past president Kathleen McCree Lewis, who died shortly after completing her term as president. AAAL’s board of directors wanted to recognize Kathleen's warmth, elegance, and especially, her devotion to appellate justice.

The award honors individuals or groups that have made contributions having exceptional impacts on the delivery of appellate justice. Through this award, AAAL hopes to call attention to the societal importance of the functions of appellate courts and to recognize extraordinary excellence and significant contributions to the appellate process.

Potential recipients may be individual judges or justices, entire courts, court administrators, law professors, or lawyers, active or retired, who are making or have made, in the past three years, a contribution to the delivery of appellate justice consistent with the purpose of the award.

2022 Recipient

Charles A. Bird, (posthumously)

Past Recipients

Blake A. Hawthorne

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy

Sanford (Sandy) Svetcov

Arthur J. England Jr.


Daniel Meador


Elaine Alexander